Our Gobos

Stock Steel Gobos

Designs for use as breakups or accents, these images are in our library ready to be cut to your size.

Custom Gobos

Project your custom image in light. Upload your content to have a custom Gobo made to your specs.

Custom Wedding Gobos

Templates ready to customize with your names to make your special day more memorable.

Gobo Projectors

Professional quality lighting fixtures, accessories, and more for Gobo projection.

What’s a Gobo?

A Gobo is a physical stencil or template slotted inside, or placed in front of, a lighting source, used to control the shape of emitted light. In the design of an artificial environment in which lighting instruments are used, it is sometimes desirable to manipulate the shape of the light which is cast over a space or object. To do so, a piece of metal with patterned holes through which light passes is placed in the beam of light to allow only the desired “shape” or pattern through, while blocking the rest of the light, casting a specific shadow/light into the space.

Happy Customers

As a professional Lighting Designer, I have the opportunity to use products from the best of the best. Goboman is at the top of the list. Their high degree of quality, competitive pricing, and superior customer support, make them an easy choice for my gobo needs.

Brain McRae is a custom gobo customer for Goboman.com

We own a Lighting & Sound Company and have referred our customers to Goboman for years. They have always gone the extra mile every time. We recently had a UPS issue and the company overnighted a wedding order at their cost. Their customer service is awesome!

Kathy Luce is a wedding gobo and custom gobo customer for Goboman.com

We used GoboMan for our wedding, and it was great! I had never even heard of a Gobo before, but they helped me figure out what size to get (Yep- there’s lots of sizes!) and had a bunch of designs to choose from. Thanks GoboMan!

Kristine Marcia is a wedding gobo customer for Goboman.com

GoboMan to the rescue. UPS lost our gobo and they wouldn’t pay for a rush replacement to arrive in time for our wedding. GoboMan had it delivered on Saturday at their expense. Nice job GoboMan.

Cynthia Green is a wedding gobo customer for Goboman.com

We contacted Goboman to do a custom design for our wedding. They sent us several examples to review and gave us great input on specific designs. Once we decided on the design, they sent us a proof. Seriously topped off the night! We received so many compliments on it! We appreciated how easy it was to make a custom Gobo!

Mindy Sage is a wedding gobo customer for Goboman.com

Custom Steel or Wedding Gobos starting at just $55.95. Buy now!